Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tuesday night creative writing workshop in Glendale - Glassell Park

Sanora's doing a rarely offered Tuesday night writers group / creative writing workshop! It starts next week - Oct 2nd.  Sign up by Friday and get early registration discount.   These workshops are open to all creative writers, any level, any genre.

About Sanora Bartels

Sanora has been running writers groups for nearly 8 years and in 2006 graduated with a Master of Professional Writing degree from University of Southern California. She has studied with various poetry mentors, including Cathy Colman (Borrowed Dress), Ron Koertge (Making Love to Roget’s Wife), and Holly Prado (from one to the next). At USC, she studied screenplay writing with Syd Field (Screenplay) and has since completed a full-length screenplay titled “Straying Home” which made it to the Semi Finals of NexTv’s 2010 Writing and Pitch Competition. Her poetry has been published in Wordwrights! magazine and New Millennium Writings. Her full-length poetry manuscript is titled The Order of Things. Sanora is a teacher of Vedic Meditation and has written several pieces on Vedic philosophy and has had over 20 articles published. You can find her meditation schedule on www.VedicMeditationTeacher.com. Sanora is a co-editor on the Meditation page of www.AllThingsHealing.com.

What will you get out of our groups?

  • Get constructive, supportive critique on your current writing project in a safe environment from a qualified moderator and your fellow group members, regardless of the type or genre of the project
  • Leave the group with a notebook filled with new stories and story ideas
  • Reignite your passion for writing
  • Connect with other writers in your area
  • Create new stories; generate new ideas every week through improvisational creative writing exercises
  • Elevate your writing
  • Experiment with different voices, different genres

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