Tuesday, May 18, 2010

LAwritersgroup.com Favorite Places to Write (in no particular order)

One of our groups meets in Glassell Park so Silverlake is a hop, skip and single freeway exit away...

Silverlake Coffee Co. rocks! They boast a full coffee bar with super-friendly barristas and an impressive breakfast and lunch menu.  They also have a seemingly unending selection of teas.

Because it's on a slight hill, it's built on levels with both an indoor and outdoor seating area so it's dog friendly with plenty of ashtrays for those of you who can't quite give up the "cancer sticks". (Both Nicole and I are ex-smokers so totally get it.)  Even better than the plentiful ashtrays though are the electrical sockets for your computer and the free wifi available. 

Indoor is softly lit during the day - no harsh glare on your screen or writing pad.  

Here's a big plus in Los Angeles (and Silverlake in particular) it has a big parking lot with plenty of free parking!

I think one of our members put it best when he said: "busy, but chill and no weirdos"

You can read more reviews here and check it out yourself at: 2388 Glendale Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90039

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