Friday, February 25, 2011

Call for Submissions: UCity Review

The UCity Review publishes twice a year, both on the web and as a limited edition letterpress print edition. Each issue highlights a noteworthy writer, whom the editors believe deserves more exposure. Each issue includes approximately twelve authors.

UCity Review considers poetry in February of each year. We will strive to provide the status of submissions by the end of March of each year. As for the likes and dislikes of UCity editors, take these words from Zbigniew Herbert:
In Poland, we think of the poet as prophet; he is not merely a maker of verbal forms or an imitator of reality. The poet expresses the deepest feelings and the wildest awareness of people... The language of poetry differs from the language of politics. And, after all, poetry lives longer than any conceivable political crisis. The poet looks over a broad terrain and over vast stretches of time. He makes observations on the problems of his own time, to be sure, but he is a partisan only in the sense that he is a partisan of the truth. He arouses doubts and uncertainties and brings everything into question.
Submissions can be emailed to editors[at] Please include the author's name and submission date in the subject line. We accept the following file formats: .doc; .pdf. Please limit poetry submissions to six poems, and please do not submit simultaneous submissions.

For more information, please visit our website:

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