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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Global Graffiti seeks pieces about Music

“Without music life would be a mistake.” ~Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche
Global Graffiti is an online journal dedicated to world literature, arts, and culture. Our first four issues have featured creative pieces and interviews with both well-known and up-and-coming local and international authors, along with cutting-edge scholarly work.
We are excited to announce the theme of our fifth issue: MUSIC. We are interested in receiving submissions that explore the cultural impact of music (of all kinds--popular, experimental, classical, contemporary). We seek scholarly work (academic articles, reviews), creative pieces (poetry, stories, essays, creative nonfiction), music journalism (interviews, essays), and artwork, that creatively explore music’s indelible influence on life and culture throughout history. Some motifs to be considered are lyrical poetry, ancient and modern drama, music as political activism, global music trends, musical genres, and the influence of contemporary technologies on musical distribution and influence.
Please send English-language submissions (foreign language works translated into English also gladly accepted) and your bio/c.v. to by September 15, 2011. We do not have word count limits because of the digital format, but we do request that you send your work as an attached .doc or .rtf file; otherwise, it is also acceptable to cut and paste your work within your e-mail.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Sparklesoup seeks short fiction and inspirational manuscripts


Editor/Contact Name : Kailin Gow

Contact E-Mail : sparklesoup[at]

Deadline Date (if any) :n/a

Publication Type : Print and/or Electronic Book Publisher

What they seek in their own words:
1) Non-fiction - how-to, career, health, nutrition, diet, parenting, education, business, technology, inspirational, studying/school tips, beauty, fashion, biography of famous person, politics, science, home life.

2) Fiction - older tweens, teens, young adult, romance, mystery, chick lit, fantasy/adventure, science fiction, christian fiction.

Our books are distributed in the U.S., Canada, Asia, Europe, and South America, and recommended by Parents, Teachers, Schools, and Women's Groups. Because we have this core audience, we do not publish anything containing obscene scenes, lewd acts, degradation, anything that is beyond a PG-13 rating.
Details : Sparklesoup is expanding with new lines of books.

We are currently seeking shorter books (between 7,500 words to 40,000 words) based on 250 words per page for publication for our new Sparklesoup Sparkfire (romance books) and Sparklesoup SparkleLife (inspirational books) line (only as ebooks.) Longer length books (35,000 to 80,000) are currently sought in the fiction to non-fiction areas for print. Manuscripts must be completely written and edited.

Send an email inquiry with the following information in the body of the email to

1) 500 words synopsis
2) Why should this manuscript be published?
3) Number of pages and words of the manuscript
4) Author's bio, been published before, has an agent or rep?
5) 1st sample paragraph of manuscript

Please do not send manuscript. If there is interest, based on the inquiry, there will be a follow-up email asking for more material. If your manuscript is accepted for publication, please do not provide a cover for the book. We have a team of cover artists that will provide a cover for the book.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Chicken Soup for the Soul is looking for stories

They have many books in development and are looking for your inspirational stories!

Website: Chicken Soup for the Soul:

Type: Call for Submissions

Deadline: Multiple Deadlines, Depending on Book

Details from their site:
We have many Chicken Soup for the Soul books in development and are adding new titles all of the time. We are always looking for new stories and poems and hope you have some for us to consider. Take a look at the list of our future book topics to see if you have a story or poem on a subject we are looking for and then please submit it to us.