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Monday, November 23, 2009

Hike & Write

Yesterday included a hike up the hill behind Brand Library. The trail is found along side the road that runs right behind the library building. It's a well-marked, narrow trail that begins as a switchback going along the hill but then for the most part heads straight up - no mamby-pamby, winding back and forth in a leisurely climb (like some trails in Griffith Park). If you want a challenge going both up and making your careful trek down (wear shoes with deep treads), Brand Library trail is highly recommended. What does this have to do with writing, you ask.

I find my mind is so busy with right brain, problem solving thinking that the editor shuts up for a whole hour and I come off the hill with a fresh perspective and new ideas practically popping out through my fingers.

Oh, and the view at the top - spectacular.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Writers Group Starts Wed Sept 23, 2009!

Wondering what we do in our groups?

Upcoming Los Angeles Writers Groups:
Our groups meet once a week from 7:30 - 10:00pm for eight consecutive weeks.

Wednesday, September 23rd in West Hollywood
Thursday August 20th, 2009 in Glassell Park

What can I expect from the group?

Our groups focus on finding new ways to create new and unexpected material through creative writing prompts. Our tagline, Fill Your Notebook (TM) says it all. We are about filling your notebook with new writing so you can go back, pick the pieces you like best, and refine them. You can either bring works-in-progress into the group for feedback or you can wait until the end of group and go through everything you've written. Our peer feedback process is a constructive and guided process. We have rules we follow that keep the feedback process from degenerating into arguments or defensive posturing and everyone participates in the feedback process, whether you bring work in or not.

What kind of work can I bring in for feedback?

You can bring anything in for feedback. Poetry, essays, non-fiction, chapters from your novel, short fiction, memoir, whatever. We've even had people bring in query letters for feedback. We've had people bring in notes for a project. We've had people bring in segments from a one-man show. Anything you're working on that you think feedback from fellow writers would be valuable, bring it on it.

For even more information on how our groups work, visit these links:

How our writing groups work

Saturday, August 29, 2009

New L.A. writer

I started writing "for real" in January. Although I used an unusual process to get there, I now have a complete screenplay. Two weeks ago I began work on another one, and decided that one of Sanora's workshops might help ease me into my new effort. Grease the creative skids, if you will. Little did I realize how much the exercises would help stimulate the creative process. It's difficult to explain, but the exercises seem to be like watering a plant. In the past, the concept might have been there, but I needed a boost to begin that first sentence and it was always difficult for me to write with clarity. Or FINISH writing something at all! I especially love/hate the "freewrite" exercises. I always knew that "editing-as-you-go" was death, but the thought of surrendering to the freewriting process was terrifying! Don't lift the pen? Don't scratch out? No editing as I go? The truth is it enables the ideas to flow, by definition, unchecked. Don't get me wrong: writing is never (for me) smooth sailing, but I am now able to allow myself to just sit and write and see what happens. And what is happening seems to be pretty cool. Thanks, 'Nora!