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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Call for Submissions: Global Graffiti

Call for Submissions - Global Graffiti Magazine, an online journal

Before we get to the call, you've got to love their description of graffiti:

Graffiti is…

Why Graffiti? Because it’s public, brash, offensive, suspect, state-run propaganda, boring, art, fucked, defacement, all surface, a style, compelling, loud, ubiquitous, co-opted, selling out, beautiful, illegal, annoying, etc.

How can you not want to submit to a mag who defines their content with such all-encompassing edginess?

... back to our regularly scheduled programming....:
Cities, like dreams, are made of desires and fears, even if the thread of their discourse is secret, their rules are absurd, their perspectives are deceitful, and everything conceals something else.”–Invisible Cities, Italo Calvino

Global Graffiti is an online journal dedicated to world literature, arts, and culture. Our first three issues have featured creative pieces and interviews with exciting local and international authors, along with edgy scholarly work.

We are currently seeking creative work (poetry, stories, essays), critical essays (book reviews, academic articles), literary translations, and artwork centered on the theme of our fourth issue: CITIES. We conceive of this theme broadly, encompassing various perspectives of both urban and suburban spaces, lifestyles and experiences.

Please send English-language submissions (foreign language works translated into English also gladly accepted) and your bio/c.v. to by May 15, 2011.

Monday, February 28, 2011

The Los Angeles Review Wants Your Writing

The Los Angeles Review, the fabulous literary journal of Red Hen Press, notified us that they are seeking submissions for their 10th issue:
  • Nonfiction: We seek essay, memoir, and commentary told as compelling, focused, sustained narrative in a distinctive voice, rich with detail.
  • Fiction: We’re looking for to hard-to-put-down shorties under 500 words and lengthier shorts up to 4,000 words–lively, vivid, excellent literary fiction.
  • Poetry: Please submit 3-5 poems that will surprise us, wow us, and make us wish we’d written them ourselves.
  • Book Reviews: We welcome queries to review new and recent books. We are especially interested in authors and works that are connected in some way to the Los Angeles or Southern California regions.
  • Translations: Please submit 3-5 translated pieces that open the writer’s original vision to an English-speaking audience; the writing may include poetry, novel excerpts, short stories, essays or interviews.
Full guidelines are available at

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Call for Submissions About Women: ADANNA

Call for creative writing submissions about women: ADANNA poetry, short stories, essays, and reviews of books and visual arts:
Adanna: A Journal for Women, about Women will be an annual perfect bound print book publication, first issue Summer 2011.

Editor: Christine Redman-Waldeyer

Guest Editor: Diane Lockward

  • The reading period for this first issue begins on January 31 and closes April 30.
  • Please send your submissions to
  • Adanna accepts poetry, short stories, essays, and reviews of books and visual arts.
  • We welcome both National and International submissions in English.
  • Please submit only unpublished pieces, 3-6 at a time.
  • Please limit prose pieces to a maximum of 2000 words.
  • Submissions should be one file in one attachment.
  • Include your name in the header of each page along with current contact information including e-mail and phone number.
  • Simultaneous submissions accepted.Please notify us as soon as possible of any accepted work.
  • For works accepted, the author will receive a free complimentary copy.
Visit the Adanna Website for additional information:

Friday, January 21, 2011

Call for Submissions: Prime Number Magazine

The editors of Prime Number Magazine, a quarterly journal of distinctive prose and poetry, are now reading for Issue No. 7, to be released in April 2011.

We are interested in fiction and essays up to 4,000 words (including flash fiction and non-fiction), individual and groups of poems, book reviews, interviews and short plays. We're also looking for cover art reflecting the number 7 for the next issue (and you might be planning ahead for issues 11, 13, 17, etc.). For our full submission guidelines, see

To better understand our tastes, please read earlier issues of the magazine. Issue 5 has just gone live and can be seen at

Monday, June 08, 2009

Read Reviews of Literary Magazines on

Reviewed Magazines Include:

Alligator Juniper
Beloit Fiction Journal
Creative Nonfiction
Gulf Stream Magazine
The Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review
Hunger Mountain
Iron Horse Literary Review
The Ledge
Memoir (and)
New Orleans Review
Slice Magazine
The Sycamore Review
Third Coast
Western Humanities Review
Willow Springs
Word Riot

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The Los Angeles Review seeks Fiction and Poetry

Deadline: June 1 by e-mail.

The Los Angeles Review, a Red Hen Press publication, seeks fiction, non-fiction, poetry, reviews, and translations for their next issue.

From their site:
"The Los Angeles Review, established in 2003, is the voice of Los Angeles, and the voice of the nation. With its multitude of cultures, Los Angeles roils at the center of the cauldron of divergent literature emerging from the West Coast. Perhaps from this place something can emerge that speaks to the writer or singer or dancer or wild person in all of us, something disturbing, something alive, something of the possibility of what it could be to be human in the 21st century.

We dedicate the sixth issue of The Los Angeles Review to Wanda Coleman. We invite both published and emerging writers to submit their work to the editors listed below, and we thank you for being part of The Los Angeles Review.

Submission Guidelines:
Issue No. 6 is scheduled to be released in 2009. Submissions accepted from March 1 to June 1 via email only.

Indicate title and word count in the subject heading. Please include a cover letter and bio in the body of the email and attach your piece as a single .doc or .rtf attachment.

Simultaneous submissions are accepted if noted in the cover letter. No multiple submissions, please. Response time is 2-3 months.

Writers published in the 2009 Los Angeles Review will receive one contributor copy in exchange for first North American serial rights.

Fiction and nonfiction:
We seek essay, memoir, and commentary told as compelling, focused, sustained narrative in a distinctive voice, rich with detail. Send 1,000-4,000 words or delight us with flash nonfiction that cat-burgles our expectations. In fiction we're looking for to hard-to-put-down shorties under 500 words and lengthier shorts up to 4,000 words--lively, vivid, excellent literary fiction.

Please submit 3-5 poems that will surprise us, wow us, and make us wish we'd written them ourselves. We are open to form, free verse, prose poems, and experimental styles. Our only criterion is quality.

We welcome reviews of new and recent books of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction, particularly of books that have not received the critical attention they deserve. Send reviews of three to six pages. No need to query the editor beforehand.

Please submit 3-5 translated poems that open the poet's original vision to an English-speaking audience.
Visit their site for a list of editor e-mail addresses.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Mar 1: Wilderness House Literary Review Call for Submissions

Call for Submissions: Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry
Deadline: March 1

All submissions must be in electronic form. Our preference is an MS Word file sent as an attachment.

Poetry may be submitted in any length.
Short fiction may be submitted in three formats:

1. very short stories less than 500 words in length

2. short stories less than 1000 words in length

3. Short stories that don’t fit the above should be less than 5000 words.
  • Non-Fiction is just that so lets see some interesting footnotes.
  • Book Reviews should be positive unless the author is a well-known blowhard. Our mission is to encourage literature not discourage it.
  • Non-fiction should be short, (a lot) less than 5000 words.
  • Any form of art may be submitted with the constraint that it must be something that can be published in 2 dimensions. It’s hard to publish sculpture but illustrations together with some intelligent prose count.
  • Published works are welcome with proper attribution.
Please submit all works electronically.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Call for submissions: Kaleidoscope

KALEIDOSCOPE MAGAZINE call for submissions on the theme of "Giving & Receiving
Care: A Delicate Balance." Deadline 3/1/09. Guidelines available at and

Exploring the Experience of Disability through Literature and the Fine Arts

Guidelines for Submission
Kaleidoscope Magazine has a creative focus that examines the experiences of disability through literature and the fine arts. Unique to the field of disability studies, this award-winning publication expresses the experiences of disability from the perspective of individuals, families, healthcare professionals, and society as a whole. The material chosen for Kaleidoscope challenges and overcomes stereotypical, patronizing, and sentimental attitudes about disability. Although content always focuses on a particular aspect of disability, writers with and without disabilities are welcome to submit their work.

The criteria for good writing apply: effective technique, thought-provoking subject matter, and in general, a mature grasp of the art of story-telling. Writers should avoid using offending language and always put the person before the disability.

Kaleidoscope is published twice a year, in January with a submission deadline of August 1, and in July with a submission deadline of March 1.


Kaleidoscope accepts:
Non-fiction – articles relating to the arts, both literary and visual, interviews, or personal accounts—5,000 words maximum/double spaced.

Fiction — Short stories with a well-crafted plot and engaging characters—5,000 words maximum/double spaced.

Poetry – Poems that have strong imagery, evocative language – six poems maximum.

Book reviews – Reviews that are substantive, timely, powerful works about publications in the field of disability and/or the arts. The writer's opinion of the work being reviewed should be clear. The review should be a literary work in its own right – 5,000 words maximum/double spaced.

Publishing information:
Considers unsolicited material (always include SASE)
Accepts simultaneously published work
Acknowledges receipt in two weeks
Rejects or accepts within six months
Reserves right to minor editing without author's approval; substantive editing with approval

Payment information:
Payment is made upon publication and varies from $10 to $125.
Contributors receive two complimentary copies of the magazine.
Copyright reverts to author upon publication.